Why I stopped posting everyday and some other art blog I found good to follow

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Hello there! How are you doing? When I am posting this, it will be 3rd July. I feel silly writing the next line but July is my birthday month! When I am writing this it is 1st July and from today I decided to read at least one art article everyday. I will post my everyday art routine next week where I will talk about what I do all day.

In this blog there are few things I will talk to you about why I stopped posting blog everyday, two art blogs I found and they are amazing to follow.

Before you start reading ahead I want to tell you that I have started a giveaway challenge on my Instagram where I will be sending art print to you and your two friends. If you are interested please visit my Instagram account. The one sad thing about it is for now it is for Indian residence only because the shipping is closed out side of the country. If you want to participate and you are not from India, I will do another giveaway for printable next time. Let me know in the comment if you are interested.

Why I stopped posting everyday?

When I started blogging on WordPress, I thought to gain more views, I have to post daily and it was working well. I was posting at 8 pm everyday and I was getting more views every month but one day when I was reading my previous blogs I thought I don’t want to write any thing just for the sake of posting.

Whenever I had a busy day and if I couldn’t write a blog, I used to write in hurry because I wanted to be consistent. I didn’t want to miss a single day and while doing that I never felt right. After few days, I decided to stop doing that and start focusing on creating content that has some value. It must generate some value for “YOU”, who read and follow my blog.

Art blogs to follow

I was searching some good art blogs to follow. I want to follow art blogs to know more about other artists and to know more about other art departments and I found two art blogs with amazing conent.

Brown Paper Bag

This art blog is created by Sara Barnes. She is writing blog about embroidery art and products. She is writing about other artists’ embroidery work and products. She also write about illustrators creating beautiful art. While surfing her art blog, one blog that I liked is – Illustrations by Romane Bonsoir Are Reminders of the Little Ways to Be Kind to Yourself . If you open the link you will see that how beautiful Romane’s art works are. The colors are so nice and the design in amazing. It is beautiful to see other artists creating beautiful art. It inspires me a lot.

Creative Boom

Creative Boom art blog is about all kind of art. This blog is about virtual art and sculptures and illustrations and other creative stuff. They also create podcasts. Here is the podcast where Robert Lomas talk about finding his own path and surviving his first year of freelancing. The another amazing blog I read from Creative Boom is where Dr Jane Goodall has created animated poem written by best-selling author Tom Rivett-Carnac. If are interested to read the blog, please click here.

Thank you so much for reading!


  1. Great thought and thank you for sharing links to these profiles!

  2. I hear what you’re saying, Heli. I was doing the same as you when I first started blogging; trying to post nearly everyday, just to try and keep up with my fellow bloggers. But it got to the point where I simply wasn’t enjoying it and it became more of a chore. I stopped blogging completely for a while, but with some wonderful encouragement from a few friends, I found my rejuvenating power to blog again and now I do it more regularly (but not everyday). I haven’t blogged too much lately because I haven’t been making any new postcards. But I have been writing what I’ve been feeling lately about recent events so it’s still good content to post I suppose.

    Anyway, good for you on deciding what works best for you! Blogging should be enjoyable, right?
    I applaud your spirit!

    And thanks for the links to these other art blogs! Maybe I can pick up a few pointers for my art!

    1. Yes you are right Mike. It became very boring for me. But now I enjoy it a lot more because now I will be posting two blogs a week. One will be about my art journey and another will be about art tools and other helpful art blogs so that it can be helpful for the fellow artists.

      1. That’s great, Heli. I am glad that you found what works best for you. 🙂

        1. Thanks Mike for reading my blog.

          1. You are so welcome, Heli. Thanks for letting me be a part of it. You’re like me; you thank people who read and comment on your blog. I do the same thing. I get very little viewership on mine so whenever someone leaves me a comment, I always express my gratitude towards them. I have a lot of respect for that.
            Keep up the great work!

          2. Thanks again 🙂

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