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Hello lovelies! How are you doing? I hope you had an amazing week. Today I want to talk about Cent. I think so many artists are not aware of this amazing platform. So let me talk to you about it today. I hope it will help you and I would suggest you to give it a try if you are an artist or you want to invest in artists. confused? no worry, read further to know more.

I have written a small paragraph in my past blog, but here I want to explain in deep because I really believe that platfrom like this can really help the artists. In today’s post I will talk about Cent from an artist’s perspective only. If you want to know more about the seeding, let me know in the comment section so we can talk about it in next Friday blog.

What is Cent?

In one sentence, Cent is a social media alternative. It is developed on block-chain and it you can earn ethereum coins and in my opinion it is really worth to use such platform. It is a platform where you can post your creation whether it is a painting or poem or anything. People will like your post by giving you “cent” and it is called a “Spot”. Cent is the platform’s like system where 1 cent is equal to $0.0.1. That means if someone likes your post, you can earn money from it.

As an artist, you must aware about Buy me a coffee and patreon platforms. Cent has also similar kind of feature. If someone likes what you do, they can seed you every month. Seeding means, they will invest money in you every month. I used “invest” word because if someone invests in you, they will also earn money from it.

How seeding works?

This is little different than other platforms. In Buy me a coffee and Patreon, you will get all the money someone will give you but in Cent, it will happen in the case of first seeder only. So when the next seeder will invest in you, some part will be given to you and some will be given to the previous seeder.

Now, when the third seeder will seed in you, the seed will be divided into you and the previous two seeders. That’s how your seeders can earn by seeding in you.

How spot works?

In Cent, spot means like and it means 1 spot = 0.01$.

People will give you money if they like your post. It is easy to understand, right?


You will be earning ethereum in all the process. The platform will display the conversion of usd to ethereum. If you want to transfer the coins, you can do it by providing your wallet id.

What else you can do?

You can post a contest with your post. For example, you can declare some amount that person with best comment will earn 100 cent. It is amazing.

If you would like to visit my Cent profile – https://beta.cent.co/heli

Thank you so much for reading!

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