Three things I want to tell you today

Hello! I hope you had an amazing weekend. I spent most of my time relaxing. In this blog, I want to tell you three most important things about what happened and what I was doing last week.

first of all, I want to tell you about the shop page I am creating on this website. Please have a look at it. I have listed all the art prints I am selling for now. I have written art print code number under each photo which is unique for each art. For now, if you want to purchase any of my art prints, you can not directly purchase it like any other e-commerce website. I have written steps how you can buy until I create a proper shop for you where you can easily purchase my art.

Second thing is, there is only ONE DAY REMAINING for availing the special offer on my Patreon page! If you like my art and want to support me, you can become my patron and you will get special rewards like, Mobile wallpapers, News letter, art prints, behind the scene photos, sketchbook tour etc EVERY MONTH.

Third thing I want to tell you is, I am very very sorry for the quality of the last video I uploaded on the YouTube. This will never ever happen again, I promise. My laptop is getting older. It’s been 6-7 years I am using this one and it is working very very slow. And For now, I don’t have fund to purchase a new laptop. And I am thinking to make digital art of every plant I drew in that video.

I am sorry if you think I am always nagging about the low fund I have. But I think every one suffer this when they start something new. It’s been only 3 months I have started my art business journey. I know it will take time to reach my goals. I like sharing good and bad things with you here. Life is not a fairy tale, right?

Thank you so much for reading!

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