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Thoughts on my next three paintings

You have decided to do something.

You are doing it great and you are very proud of yourself. And you love waking up every morning to keep it continue.

This is a great feeling.

As my Make / 30 challenge, till now I have completed total 6 paintings. All of them are looking very nice.

six paintings of Make / 30

After painting the fifth painting, my husband asked, “Why are you doing this?”.

I said, “To explore my self as an artist”.

Exploring your own abilities is the most important thing. You never know what you are capable of until you do that thing. Before starting Make / 30 project, I was painting 3-4 times a month, but now I paint 2 paintings in a day and I am writing about my journey, too.

I don’t have an art degree. I love painting from my school days. But at that time I didn’t realise art can also be a career. As my husband and my family is very supportive, I have decided to focus on my painting. Before this I was working as a web developer.

Painting gives me a peace of mind. It is like I am doing a meditation. I forget about everything else and my mind focus on the painting only.

My fourth painting is – some blue flowers I found on pintrest.

This painting took more time because I have to do some shading to paint the overlapping petals of the flower. And I was very confused about the background as well. So I decided to go with the very transparent purple shade and did a shadow to flowers.

These are the process photos of the painting.

process photo of the blue flowers

I decided to paint lavender for my fifth painting. Very very simple to paint yet beautiful. I love how the purple color is looking on a white paper. and how beautifully the Green color is contrasting with the Purple color.

Here are the process photos of it.

process of painting lavender
lavender flowers – love the purple color of it

For the sixth painting, I decided to draw a sunflower. While surfing on pintrest, I found a beautiful photo of a sunflower with blue background and at that moment only, I decided that I wanted to paint this flower.

Here are the process photos of the painting.

process photo of the sunflower
The sunflower

I also tried capturing the timelapes while I was doing the background color of the sunflower painting. You can check it out on my Instagram account – elysian_illustration

Now I am thinking about selling these paintings. I don’t want to make a proper selling website but if you are thinking to purchase it, you can definitely contact me.

I am also researching for the best platform to sell my artworks. But until then, you can directly contact me to purchase any of the painting you like to have it for yourself.

Thank you so much for reading!


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  2. These are very pretty paintings. You certainly have the right approach to your painting: Learn as much as you can and practise as much as you can. It isn’t necessary to have a degree in art to become a good artist, not these days anyway with all the wonderful tutorials on YouTube. I wish you all the best of luck with selling your work! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much 🙂

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