Things I started doing in lockdown

Hello Friends!  I hope you all are doing fine. I am staying at home and doing good. Our health workers are doing an amazing job. But there are some people out there who don’t understand the seriousness of the situation and still going out like everything is normal.

Today morning I read a news that WHO said, “this virus is going to stay with us for a long time.” And it will. We still don’t have vaccine or medicines for the corona virus, so the government of India is telling people to eat and drink food that increase our immunity.

Police men are out there to stop people gathering. In my city,every vegetable vendor is getting tested. We people are lucky that we get to stay at our home. I think every one should use this time and learn new skills. 

I started uploading more on YouTube these days. I have created videos that shows easy watercolor paintings to try in these stay at home days. 

I have started focusing more on my art and learning things to improve it.

And for all these I need your support.  Your $1 is also enough for me to keep doing this. And if you can pay more then it will be a great thing for me.   

Please checkout tiers to know what I am offering :   

Thank you 🙂

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