Things I have learned from Make/30 art project

I have a computer degree. I am a web developer but art is my favorite thing. I don’t have any type of art degree and I never went to any art classes or school.

Why I started this project?

I started painting a year ago as a hobby. But I stopped doing it for about a year. Then after I get married I started painting again. And I started taking this seriously. Now I want to grow it as a full-time business.

When I saw the Make/100 project on Kickstarter, I wanted to apply for it. But as I am from India, I am not eligible for that. So I decided to challenge my self to paint 100 paintings in 30 days. But I was not used to painting every day. I was painting 3–4 times a month before starting Make/30. So I decided to paint 30 paintings in 30 days and named it Make/30.

I decided to do this because it would make me paint consistently that it did and I am very happy with it.

What did I learn?

  1. Keep painting even if you make a bad art piece

Not every day you are going to make the best artworks that have no flaws. You are going to make mistakes and that is alright. Please don’t put that bad art piece aside because it was a bad attempt. Try to make it better. Complete it. You will learn something from it.

Never get negative after having a bad day with your art. Be positive and I promise that the next day will be amazing.

2. Be consistent

Painting every day is a very important thing. It will make you more creative. If you can’t spend a whole day painting, try to paint a little. Try to find your favorite things to paint that will lift your mood and you can enjoy the painting you do.

Before starting this project, I was a good artist. But after completing this project I can surely say that I have become a better artist. Being consistent helped me grow as an artist.

3. Be positive even if you can’t achieve your goal

I decided to paint 30 paintings in 30 days, but I was able to paint 24 paintings only. But I am proudly saying that I achieved my goal because I started this for me, to make me a better artist and I think I have accomplished that. Numbers don’t matter if you enjoy the process and the goal is to make you better as an artist.

4. Enjoy the process

This is the most important thing out of all. You paint because you love to paint. Not because someone else is doing it and you found it cool so you want to do it, too. You enjoy the process, not only focusing on the result but the techniques and the colors and the brush strokes. The process of making a painting is beautiful.

5. Art block is just a phase

Every single artist has faced an art block at least once in their life where they don’t want to paint and don’t know what to do. I did, too. But I advise you to never get upset by this. What I used to do those days is, I watch other artists’ YouTube channel and their Instagram posts. I like to listen to art podcasts. My recent favorite is Jenna Rainey’s show. Try to relax that day. have a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy watching other artists’ artworks.

6. Improved skills

I used to paint good before starting this project. But after completing a few paintings, the improvement I got was visible. Now I am good at color selection, color mixing, and painting.

7. Never give up!

Never give up painting! Whenever you think like giving up, just remember why you started painting. Not every day is going to be your best day as an artist. Be calm and enjoy the process.

Enjoy being an artist!

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