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One day I was re arranging my work space and when I was arranging my paintings and sorting them, I realized I have painted a lot of paintings. These original paintings are made with watercolors and gouache. I have listed these two original paintings in my shop. I enjoyed a lot while painting these and learnt a lot of things.

Hello there! How are you doing? It’s been raining here since last night. We had the first corona case in our town yesterday. It’s been 5 months I haven’t been out and I haven’t met my parents. I know a lot of us haven’t but I am sure when we will meet our parents or if you are a parent and when you will see your child, that moment will be very beautiful.

An amazing sunrise

an amazing sunset

I took the reference from the photo of the trip my sister had last year. I painted this in watercolor. I love the combination of orange and blues in this original watercolor painting. The mountains look beautiful. This painting is up for sale. If you would like to buy this painting, then please click here. The price of this painting is $7 (USD).

Orange poppies

orange poppies

I hope you remember this painting. This painting is from my make 30 art project. I was creating 30 paintings in 30 days. I made this using gouache. I love this medium. This painting is also up for sale for $7(USD).Click here to purchase it.

Another happy update

Last week I sold 2 tiny original paintings. They will be soon go to Baltimore, USA. I am so happy when people like my art and purchase them. I package the order with a lot of love and care. I also love to add extra art prints or extra mini original paintings with the package and of course the handwritten thank you note! I totally enjoy the time when I am packaging an order. It is like I am giving a part of my life to someone very beautiful person who love what I create.It is truly amazing.

Thank you so much for reading!

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