Roses and glitters

I couldn’t paint for few days. In that time period I got know that I can cook pretty well. I have such a lovely mother-in-law who happily supports me to focus on my painting. So I don’t need to do a lot house chores. As she was out of town, I had to take care of our home and could’t paint.

So after a short break, I started painting. This time, I din’t want to paint some real flower or to look at any flower picture and paint according to it. I also decided to go with some brave background. Well, I usually paint with white or light blue background.

First I painted the background with Grey color. Blue and Purple shades go really well with Grey color. So I drew some Purple flowers with Blue leaves. I added some glitter to flowers to make it more beautiful. I like adding some glitter to my paintings.

Some purple flowers

This is my 9th painting. 21 paintings to complete my Make/30 art project.

When I decided to draw flowers for this project, from the beginning I wanted to paint Roses. I love Roses. I used to paint and sell my paintings a year ago. At that time who ever bought my paintings, I used to send them a thank you card. On which I liked to draw Roses. But then I took a break from painting, and now I have started again and I am really finding it very peaceful.

I painted one reference painting which I am of course going to show you. And next to this painting is the actual painting in progress.

reference painting

I liked the reference painting I did. So, I have decided to paint it properly whenever I will get time. For the 10th painting – Roses and glitters, I added some glitter and some tiny blue flowers to it to make it look better.

Roses and glitters

In the next blog I will update you about my next two paintings.

Thank you so much for reading!

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