Practising flowers 🌸🌻🌷 and gratitude exercise

I can’t stop myself painting flowers. So here is an another video of me practising watercolor flowers. I started writing my thoughts and what I feel about things in life from last 2 blogs and I feel good to open up here.

from last 3 days I have been using this app called Stoic. It is a mental health tracking app. Where you can write daily journal, you can practice meditation, thought process practise, breathing exercise, visualisation and so many more things. So my today’s session was about gratitude. In the time of social media, many people are not happy with what they have. We are comparing with others and being negative which lead some to depression.

Let me talk more about what I had in my gratitude session. It said that first they will give me some negative scenarios to imagine the situation. And they also prompt a message that this should be not done by anyone suffering from depression or anxiety. They gave two scenarios and then they asked what I am grateful of. After imagining those situations, I realised that we ignore so many little things that make us happy everyday. Like the coffee or tea we have in the morning, our parents, the important person of our life, health, healthy food we have on time, weather etc.

When you will realise that those little things can make a huge difference, you will be satisfied. For that you need to stop comparing with others first. Focus on what you have right now. Try writing journal, and write five or three things you are grateful of. This sound silly but it does make a difference.

I am grateful of having such a wonderful person as my life partner. I am grateful of my parents and in-laws. I am grateful of painting everyday. I am grateful for having your support. I am grateful of this moment.

What are you grateful for?

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