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Watercolor sky painting for day 30

This is the first day of 2022. Do you take any resolutions on the first day of the year? I used to do it when I was in school but after few years of that, I stopped. I don’t remember, I was able to complete any of them successfully. It is very hard for me to commit to something for a long time.

I am learning that slowly. In 2019, it was hard for me to paint for 31 days in row. But in 2021, I did that and I enjoyed it so much that I am thinking about starting another painting challenge as well.

Watercolor sky painting for day 30
Watercolor sky painting for day 30

Watercolor sky painting for day 30

Let’s talk about the painting of the day now. I wanted this watercolor painting to be very simple. I painted a sky using very subtle Pink and Blue colors. I blended them beautifully and created this pretty looking sky.

It wasn‘t in my mind to paint a palm tree when I started this watercolor sky painting. I could have painted a few birds as well.

After completing this challenge - 31 days of mini watercolor painting, I am thinking to explore a new medium. I am painting with watercolors since many years and now I think I should change a little. I am thinking to go with acrylics.

I am watching many videos on YouTube of acrylic painting and I am excited for it so far. I love watching Bob Ross’ painting videos. He was such an amazing human.

I will surely going to document my acrylic journey and take you along. I am sure you will be inspire to paint or if you just sit and watch and support me, that is fine, too.

Thank you so much for stopping by.




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