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Watercolor sea painting for day 22

The more I am getting close to the last day, the more I am feeling proud of myself. Before two years, I started a similar project like this where I decided to paint 30 flowers in 30 days. I was able to paint only 21 flower paintings. I was a little disappointed with myself but I learned a lot of things. From that project, I sold my very first painting to a beautiful lady from Bangalore, India.

Watercolor sea painting for day 22
Watercolor sea painting for day 22

It was a very simple painting. There were three flowers and I wrote "be happy" below them. As an artist, I believed, it is very simple yet she felt connected to that painting and she gifted it to her friend. The purpose of that challenge was entire to improve me as an artist.

I never thought someone far away from where I live could feel connected to that simple painting and pay money for it. Isn't it amazing!? And the best thing is, she is the most supportive customer I have. We chat with each other and we send our pets' pictures and videos with each other. It's a beautiful relation.

Oops! Sorry for droving off from the main topic of today's blog. The reference I took for this painting is from Dorothea Oldani from Unsplash.

While painting this one, I realized that it is quite difficult for me to paint water so that gave me an idea to start another challenge where I think I should paint a landscape with water or waterscape for the next 30 days. I am not sure about it yet but I am just giving it a thought.

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