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Watercolor landscape painting for day 21

Only 10 days remaining for 31 days of the mini watercolor painting challenge and I am already thinking to start a similar project like this. I am liking the groove and I like scheduling social media posts ahead and love how it is going.

Watercolor landscape painting for day 21
Watercolor landscape painting for day 21

For these 21 days, I have been scheduling my social media posts in advance and it was really helpful. I missed posting on LinkedIn and Pinterest in between but that is fine.

I am not so happy with how this painting is turned out. I could have done better shadows in the mountains and I also don't like the lake very much. Oh and I messed up the swans! But that is fine. Not every day you are going to paint a masterpiece, right?

For the next challenge, I am thinking to post Instagram reels every day for 10 days. There are 10 days remaining for this challenge and for the next 10 days, I will be posting a reel every day. Join me on Instagram so you can see what I am up to there.

Thank you for stopping by.




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