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Watercolor flower meadow painting for day 23

For day 23, I have decided to paint this beautiful flower meadow from the picture Allyson Beaucourt posted on Unsplash. Unsplash is a beautiful picture library where you will find free photos to use as a reference for your paintings.

Watercolor flower meadow painting for day 23
Watercolor flower meadow painting for day 23

At the beginning of the 31 days of mini watercolor painting challenge, I was feeling not so confident while painting from a picture reference but after painting for these many days, I somewhat get the groove and can paint directly from the picture.

I love how this watercolor flower meadow painting has turned out. It is simple and calming to your eyes. I used the splatter technique to paint Yellow flowers. Painting Blue sky with white clouds has been my favorite thing to paint from the beginning. It is very simple to paint and it looks beautiful.

I am very excited for the next coming days for this challenge because I found that I love painting landscapes and I am already thinking about the next challenge.

Thank you so much for stopping by.




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