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Last day of 31 days of mini watercolor paintings

I can’t believe this is an end of the 31 days of mini watercolor paintings challenge. It was amazing. I have learned a lot in these days and got to know so many people. Thank you all so much for joining me in my journey.

For the last day, I wanted to paint something I am familiar with. I decided to paint flower meadows with snowy mountains in the background.

Watercolor flower meadow landscape
Watercolor flower meadow landscape

I learned to paint snowy mountains in one of @aurorabyz ‘s @skillshare class. I used splatter method to paint watercolor flower meadow. You must have noticed my favourite blue sky I painted. You know I love painting that.

I think I still need to master the technique of painting the snowy mountains. I will learn it by doing practice.

From tomorrow, I am thinking to start painting with acrylics. Let’s see how it goes.

Thanks for stopping by.




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