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I welcome you to my art diary

Hello! I welcome you to my art diary And let me tell you more about it. But first, let me introduce myself. My name is Heli and I am a self-taught watercolor artist. I paint watercolor landscapes, flowers and animals. Basically, nature is my inspiration. Besides of art, taking care of my plants is my hobby.

I was working as a programmer for 3 years before I decided to become a full-time artist. While I was working for my 9-5 job, I used to paint whenever I got time and sell those painting through my Instagram account. I never thought one day I would do art for full time.

Painting is like meditation for me. I always say this. It makes me forget things around me. It gives me peace and teach me how to be more patience. My goal is to create art and spread happiness through it.

I was reading the book “Show your work” by the amazing author Austin Kleon and he inspired me to start documenting my journey as an artist. Here, you will find what I do everyday as an artist in art diary section. I will also post watercolor painting tutorials. Oh and let me not forget to tell you that I will introduce to you some coolest fellow artists doing amazing work In Artists interview section. It will be fun, right?

I believe everyone can paint. You, too! And for you, I came up with three art dates. It’s up to you which art date you want to book. We can either paint a beautiful Watercolor Galaxy Bookmark or we can paint enchanting Watercolor Sunset Bookmark. At the end of our date, you will have a beautiful bookmark for yourself. Keep it for you or gift to someone you love. Isn’t it amazing! If you are planning to gift something to your special one, we can paint Watercolor floral greeting card. I promise they are gonna love it. I am waiting for you to book our art date!

I post often on my Instagram account, I would love if you join me there as well. If you like to learn more about watercolors, I post watercolor painting tutorials on my YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for stopping by and read my first blog here. See you in the next one!

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