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How to create beautiful Instagram posts using Canva

If you are running a business and promote it on Instagram, you know that having visually appealing Instagram posts are very important. If you are not so good at graphic designing and can’t hire one, Canva is your bae!

Canva is a tool which provide thousands of beautiful templates for everything from Instagram to YouTube. In this article, we will only talk about how to create beautiful posts using Canva.

You can choose ready-made and customizable templates or you can create your posts from scratch. Canva is a beginner-friendly tool.

Why visually appealing feed is important?

Everyone likes to see things that are beautiful to their eyes and mind. Each brand has it’s unique personality and style. You must have heard about the term - ‘brand persona’.

Your followers or to-be followers will attract to your account only if you are providing them value and if you have posts that are pleasing to their eyes, it’s a cherry on top 🙂 I have shared my Instagram feed where I used Canva to create these beautiful posts.

How to create beautiful Instagram posts using Canva

1. Open Canva

open Canva and search “Instagram post”.

2. select Instagram post template

Browse through thousands of Instagram templates and choose the one you like. You can use filters on the left side if you have a particular theme for your post in your mind.

3. customise design according to your brand persona

You can change font style, colours, add graphics, change image depending on your brand persona.

4. Use various features

Canva provide features like image editing, filters, stickers, transitions etc. You can use these features to enhance your post.

5. Share on Instagram

Download the final design in high resolution and you will be able to share it to your Instagram account. Write some awesome caption, add relevant hashtags and you are ready to go. If you are using Canva pro, you can schedule your posts using scheduler feature.

Canva makes it very easy for non-designers like me to create awesome Instagram feed. There are other useful apps out there which are very useful to plan, create and schedule Instagram content. I will write a detailed article if you are interested.

If you create a post using Canva, share it on Instagram and tag me. I would love to see your beautiful creation.

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