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6 self care tips for small business owners

6 self care tips for small business owners
6 self care tips for small business owners

Self care is not a crime and do not ever feel guilty for doing that. Self care is important for your body and mind. As a small business owner, I know you work very hard all day. If you will keep going without listening your inner self screaming for self care, you will burn out soon.

Being a small business owner, believe me, it is very crucial to take breaks, exercise, eating good food and slow down. I will be sharing with you my personal self care tips for you my amazing small business owner.

Exercise daily

It is important to get yourself moving. I know we all love to sleep more but once you start doing exercise daily, you will see the difference. You will feel more productive and energetic. If you don’t want to spend money on gym subscription then yoga, push ups, jumping jacks are free. All you need is some motivation for 10-20 minutes and that’s it.

Treat yourself

Don’t feel guilty when it’s time to treat yourself. You work very hard every day to grow your small business. Treat yourself with a spa day or buy that beautiful shirt you wanted to buy for so long.

Spend some time outside

Spending some time in nature is what I love to do when I feel stressed. I have a small balcony garden where I sit with my cup of tea and read book. I suggest to go and walk out side. It will improve your mood and walking is good for your body.

Find a hobby

If you work for 9 hours a day, take some time out to do the things you love. Giving time for your hobby will make you feel good and happy. I love gardening and I love spending some time with my plant babies everyday. Watering and taking care of them makes me genuinely happy from inside.

Eat good food

All the junk food you might be eating, making you lazy. I know some of you might not believe it but that it true! You can google it. Eating healthy food will make you feel good from inside. As they say - you become what you eat - I don’t know if someone had said it but I believe in it. I still eat pizza and French fries but once or twice a month.


Spending 15 minutes in the morning to some breathing exercise was a game changer for me. It keeps my mind calm and help me sleep better. It improves my mood, too. I do deep breathing, Kapalbhati and Nadi sodhana for 15 minutes. Try it! Read this article to know the benefits of it.

Take it easy on your self and listen to your body. I didn't listen to my self and I burnt out so took a break. I haven't touched my watercolours from last two months. I can' believe I could stay away for this long from the thing I love to do.

Don't worry, I will start painting soon. What else do you do for self care as a small business owner, write that down in comment below to help your fellow business owner.

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