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5 ways to fill your sketchbook for beginners

Filling up your sketchbook can be intimidating sometimes so in this post, I will share 5 ways to fill your sketchbook for beginners with you. I always share my sketchbook pages on my Instagram and today I will share some of them to help you fill your sketchbook.

Flower vase with watercolors and ink

This is my absolute favorite sketchbook page. I love painting random loose watercolor flowers and then adding details with a fine liner or brush pen. I used Winsor and Newton watercolors and a brush pen from Brustro. After painting them, I added a few stars here and there to make this page look more aesthetic.

You can either use the same color for all of the flowers or you can be like me and add flowers with different colors. You can not mess up with this page because ink and watercolor are the killer combination.

Watercolor and ink vegetables

Drawing from still life can teach you so many things. I painted a few carrots for this page in my sketchbook. I wish I could add some more lights and shadows in this to make it look more beautiful but it's okay. Whenever I mess up anything in my sketchbook, I always tell myself that sketchbooks are meant to mess up. Sketchbooks are made to try out new things. So do not worry!

You can bring any vegetables from your kitchen, put them in front of you and start painting. Do some watercolor swatches and then add details with fine liners. If you are trying any of the sketchbook ideas I am sharing, please share them with me. I would love to see your creation.

Watercolor and ink fruits

If you don't like painting vegetables, try painting your favorite fruits. I love the color of blueberries so I painted them in my sketchbook. As I did on the previous pages, I added details with fine liners once I painted blueberries with watercolors.

I would also advise you to go bold with the colors you choose for your paintings. In your art world, blueberries can be of pink color. So try painting with whatever colors you have. I mixed up Mauve and French Ultramarine Blue.

Abstract watercolor and ink leaves

I took inspiration from Pinterest and painted these beautiful ink leaves in my sketchbook. This is the easiest thing you can try in your sketchbook. Choose a color, paint a few different sizes of circles in the background and once they are dried, grab your fine liner and paint leaves or flowers on top of them.

If you are not so confident with painting directly with a fine liner, you can first sketch with the pencil and later paint with the fine liner and then erase the pencil marks. Please keep in mind that, you have to wait for a little for your fine liners to dry before you erase the pencil marks.

Abstract full page with watercolor and ink

This sketchbook idea is very therapeutic. Grab your favorite watercolor or try to mix two colors and create a new one. You have to keep it watery so that it can easily spread all over the page. Then once the page s dry, you can paint leaves on the lines you have painted.

Try out these ideas and let me know what you think. I have also uploaded a video on my YouTube channel where I shared 3 easy sketchbook ideas if you would like to check it out.

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