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Hippo in tutu

Don’t you think this thank you card will be an amazing option to send to your loved one? The Hippo in tutu illustration is a part of my A to Z animals project. This illustration is one of my favourites, I decided to use it to create a thank you card. It looks so amazing! …

Business card

Ohh! I love this cat, sitting calmly on the wall. And those flowers, they are super adorable. This illustration is part of my project – A to Z animals. I created this business card with minimal design, with very few colors and little information.

Lazy Bear – thank you card

Such a cute thank you card to send someone, right?! I created this bear illustration for the A to Z animals project. Creating this illustration was so much fun! I started with looking for reference images on google and I found a small baby bear sleeping on the ground, from that image I created this …