New YouTube video and Cent

Hello there! I hope you are doing fine.

I have been trying to edit this video for so long. But my laptop was just not wanted to work on it. I edited 80% of this video in phone and remaining in my laptop. I can’t tell you how much tough it was for me. But here it is out for you. You can sit back and watch me practicing plants painting or you can paint with me.

This time I tried something different with my video. In previous videos I have been shooting my desk and painting only. This time, I tried capturing my self sketching and the tree from my backyard. I am nervous about showing my self in the video but I wanted to do it. Just to try something different for you. I hope you will like it.

Currently I am working on an art print. Of course I am painting flowers!! You know me!! All I want to draw is botanical. Today while editing the video, when the video was exporting, I practiced some doodles. I posted in my Instagram. You can click here to see it or you can see it in the right side of this page.

I found this new website for artists where you can earn in ethereum. It is super cool. And the coolest thing is you can also earn by seeding artists!! For example, if I seed someone and I trust that artist that he/she will do good in future, I will earn from him/her if other people will seed him/her after me.

Artist can also earn if someone likes their post. Isn’t it great!

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Thank you so much for reading!


  1. You are much braver than I am.

    1. Why do you think so?

  2. You are young and pretty and talented..Ready to face the storm.

    1. oh thank you!

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