Make/30 is successfully completed!

I am happy with what I have achieved with the Make/30 project. Even if I am not able to complete all 30 paintings, I can proudly say that I have achieved my goal. It is because the things I have learnt after 30 days. I am not the same artist I used to be before 30 days. This practice made me better artist. And I still need to achieve more.

I know some of you said that one should not be consider the number, but I think this challenge made me paint more and better. But one should surely be positive and happy if one can not achieve the number one has decided.

I was able to paint total 24 paintings only. And here are the last three of them.

Have a look at the 22nd painting…

My 23rd painting is Three White flowers…

3 white flowers

Have a look at the 24th painting. It is can Oranges be flowers? again a funny name of the painting, right?

Can Oranges be flowers?


    1. Thank you 🙂

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