Is Etsy a good idea?

I want to sell my artworks and prints and I decided to open my shop on Etsy.

Right now I am struggling a lot with marketing of my business. So that more people can know about what I am doing. Another issue I have is my Facebook page is not able to connect to my business Instagram account. Do any of you know how to do it?
You will think I am complaining a lot but I am really struggling.

Another thing is I am new to this business. So it is hard to find my users. Every one face issues at starting of their business.

please help me what should I do in the comments πŸ™‚

Thank you for reading.


  1. My two cents worth….
    You may want to consider these 4Ps when you want to push a product.
    Product= your creation
    (Do a good intro for each creation. e.g. medium used, how big is the art piece, technique involves, where do you get your inspiration. etc)
    People= who are your target buyers? e.g. botanical piece in this post, I think you can promote it to a fabric house where they create unique fabric design for high fashion markets.
    Place= Etsy, FB, Inst, WP …etc
    Promotion= still too early to have one.
    But first and foremost, patent your creation to prevent theft of intellectual property. Ultimately, its your hardwork and creations, I am sure you do not want people to misuse it without your permission.

    1. Hey! That’s some wonderful advice. Thank you so much. I will consider each of them and first patent my work

  2. Hey! I’ve just started to sell my downloadables on Etsy and I’m having the same problem maybe we could feature on each other’s blogs and leave backlinks ? That sometimes helps! Take a look at my shop and let me know what you think! Thanks Amy

    1. Sure πŸ™‚ we can do that!

  3. Awesome πŸ‘ 😁 if we can both get together a bio to share that would be great I think that’s the best way to start

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