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Update on my patreon page

Hello there! how are you doing? My patreon page : From the last week I was working on improving my Patreon page. Yesterday I updated it. I added things in each tier that give value who will become my patron even if he/she choose the lowest tier to support me. I am also giving …

Animal Crossing ✿ Third flower

I am still not playing animal crossing. But I saw a YouTube video yesterday and oh my God, the flowers and the houses and everything was so so cute! Art is helping people a lot in this tough time. Art doesn’t only means painting. Art can be anything. singing, cooking, crafting anything!! I am new …

Animal Crossing ? Second FLower

Hey there! I am creating Animal crossing botanical inspired by @amandaherzman on twitter. I hope you like it. it is easy watercolor flower. You can try it,too. You can find me on instagram- My Etsy shop is-