I’m Heli Naik

Oh hi! Nice to see you here! I am glad you want to know more about me 😊

I am creating art and happiness. Art is a meditation for me. I forget everything else around me when I am painting. It is MAGICAL ✨ Sometimes I fall asleep thinking about what to paint the next day!!! Do you also do this? 

Before becoming an artist, I was working as a programmer for 3 years. I still write code but sometimes! When I was working as a programmer, I used to paint whenever I got time. I used to sell them as well. But this year, in January 2020 I decided to focus on my art to grow it as a full-time business.

Sharing our knowledge with others is the best thing we can do. So I am helping you to understand how watercolor works. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in learning watercolors. I also sell my original paintings and art prints in my shop. If you like what I do and want to support me, it will be amazing if you can buy some coffee for me! You can also buy a monthly membership plan where I will send you amazing stuff every month ☕

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