I gifted a painting to my husband for the valentines

Light house

It is a light house. We went there before a year ago and at this beautiful place he proposed me. It was the amazing and wonderful day of our lives. This place has a special meaning to us. So I thought it is a wonderful idea to paint this place and gift him.

Some places in our lives has special meaning to us. And gifting something like this makes it more special. You can so the same for your loved one. Contact me at helinaik@yahoo.com if you want to make your partner feel special.

I also painted few tiny cards to make it more lovable.

tiny cards

You can always visit my etsy shop for purchasing my art. And follow me on my Instagram page.

Thank you for reading! Stay amazing!


  1. So meaningful. 🌹 Happy Valentine’s to you loving couple.

    1. Thank you 😊

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