I finally got my art supplies

As I told you in my previous blog that I was out of my art supplies, I ordered and finally, I got the papers. I wanted to start as soon as possible.

So, I went on Pinterest and found some inspiration and started painting. The first flower – actually it’s the seventh flower I painted was cherry blossom. I saw it on Pinterest. It is very minimal with lots of white space painting. I didn’t want to do the background because it was already looking very beautiful without it. I did some shading to the flowers and the stem and the leaves, I enjoyed painting this one.

Here are the photos of the painting.

The next painting I decided to do is – Poppies. Pinterest is an amazing app. 🙂

I saw a very cute flat illustration of poppies on Pinterest. I found it eye-catching and I painted it. I was so sure not to do the background color because the white color of the paper was looking very flattering but then I made my mind to go for the background and I am not so happy with it. What do you think? Please let me know in the comment section below.

Here is another I want to tell you is, for the very first time I used artist’s tape for the borders. And I loved it!!!!!

Here are the photos of the poppies I painted.

I am finding this process very helpful to me. I don’t want to get stressed if I can not complete this challenge. I am doing this to improve my self as an artist. I am a learning artist. I still need to practice a lot and while doing this, I also need to figure out how to grow this as a business. I also thought of doing hand-painted invitation cards to start. I will surely share photos of the hand-painted invitation I made for my wedding. I am struggling with how can I sell my paintings or get commissioned work.

I know I need to work hard and spend more time doing painting so I can improve my skills and can grow as an artist.

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