I am out of my painting supplies!

Yes, you have read it right. I am out of my painting supplies. I have painted six paintings until now.

I use 300 gsm 100% cotton watercolor papers to paint. I have painted six paintings until now and I knew I was about to get out of stock of my papers.

It was in my mind already to purchase it. And now I am 2 days late! And as per the calculations, I am 3 paintings late!

I have already ordered the papers and I still not have received them. Hoping to receive it soon so I can start paint as soon as possible.

In between these days, until I get paper, I practised to paint and I read more about how to write convincing lines and how to be a full time artist. I also watched many YouTube videos about various methods of doing painting. And after watching them, I tried it out and it was really very helpful.

inspired by creationsceecee

As I don’t have an art degree and I don’t go to any painting classes, watching YouTube videos and reading articles help me a lot to improve as an artist.

Here are my other paintings…

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Thank you for reading!

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