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If you are an artist and you want to grow your art business this blog will help you a lot. You have few followers and you want to grow more followers for your art business account on Instagram, Facebook etc. You have to do a lot of things but you have no idea what to do when? You have no idea which social media platform is best for you. If you have all these queries and you are looking for the answers here are some of the blogs I have listed that can help you.

Hello there! How are you? I hope you had a very productive week and if you haven’t then it is totally fine to slow down. I wish you have an amazing weekend. This week in my reading, I came across this very helpful blog and from that, I have listed out some blogs for you, which will be very helpful to understand and plant to grow your art business.

I always spare some time to read everyday. I am always very excited to share articles and blogs that can be helpful for the people who follow me. I believe that if you are following me you must get some value out of my reading when you spend your valuable time reading my blogs. First let me share my blog schedule with you because if you are following me from the beginning you must have noticed the change in blog schedule.

My new blog schedule

Before this, I was used to post a blog everyday but when I realized that it was not working for me, I thought and decided to put efforts for improving my quality in writing. So from last week I have been posting two blogs per week. Every Tuesday I will post a blog about what I did in a week and about my art journey. The next blog I will post about the articles, videos, art courses etc that can be helpful for my fellow artists on each Friday.

What’s for today?

I am still learning and growing as an artist(and of course as a human. I am still very childish sometime. haha!). I have 200 followers on Instagram. I am working on how to grow fan base to grow my art business. So if you are on the same step as me, this articles will be very helpful for you. Let’s go my friend!

How to start a marketing calendar for your art business

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This blog helped me a lot to understand that I should not post anything at any random time if I want to get more views. If you are doing the same then please stop. You need to understand the analytics of your social account. For example, Instagram is providing free analytics for your business and creator account. If you don’t know where to find the analytics, please click here. Instagram provides at what time how many people came to your account, at what day how many people visited your post/account, which gender is viewing most of your posts, how many people followed you in this week, how many people unfollowed you etc. These analytics are very helpful. It will help you to understand that at what time you should post.

Based on those analytics create a calendar to post on your social media platform.

How to effectively market your art online

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In this time of social media, marketing your business is very very important. I am not telling you to spend a lot of money on marketing at first. First of all you need to work on your skills and when you think you are ready to do the marketing, go for it. This blog is about social media and email marketing.

Which social media channel is right for your art business?

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There are so many social media platforms to share your art work and I am sure you must be confused on what you should focus on. If I tell you about myself, my first priority is Instagram and my WordPress blog. Then second I focus on my YouTube channel and then I focus on Twitter, Cent etc. They are slowly growing.

This blog is written very beautifully. You will get to know about what social media to use with their pros and cons according to your niche and then you have to decide which one you should go for.

Please read these three blogs. They will be very helpful for you to understand to grow your social media growth for your art business.

Thank you so much for reading.

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