How to break an Art Block

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Have you ever gone through an art block? Have you ever thought when will you get some motivation to paint something? Does it happen to you when you feel like you want to paint something but you don’t know what? Does it happen to you when you just don’t feel like to draw anything? Do you feel like you have run out of everything to draw? If yes, then you don’t need to worry. Every artist has gone through this. Today I want to talk about “Art Block”.

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original lotus flowers

What is an Art Block?

First of all let us talk about what is an Art Block. Some people also say it a Creative Block. In this time you do not feel like creating anything at all. You feel very demotivated to work. If I talk about my self, I feel like I have lost my creative power. I feel like I have forgotten how to paint. While writing this, I am feeling like I am talking about some disease, haha! But it is not! Having an Art Block is natural.

Is it bad to have an Art Block?

NO! NOT AT ALL! It is totally fine if you don’t want to paint today. It is totally fine if you don’t want to work and want to slow down. It is very important to take break in between. Although an Art Block is not a break but you can consider it if you want. If you feel like you have nothing to draw and feel like not doing anything, it is fine! Trust me, it is totally fine. So many artists in the word have gone through this.

How to break an Art Block?

If you have gone through this, you also know that it is difficult to get up and draw anything. If you just want to lay down and do nothing it is absolutely fine. I will share things to do if you want to relax or you want to draw anyway during art block, I will share some tips to break an art block.

I want to relax…

If you want to slow down and chill but still want to stay connected to art, here are few things you can do. (Here are the things I do.)

  1. Watch YouTube videos of the artists you look up to
    I watch videos of Frannerd, Cheyenne Barton, Sara Faber and Tiffany Tan. They are some of my favorite artists and I enjoy a lot watching their YouTube videos. They are creating some amazing art and one day I want to grow my art business like how they are doing.
  2. Find new artists on Instagram
    This is what I do whenever I am feeling low. I go to search tab in my Instagram and try to find artists who are creating beautiful art from which I can get some inspiration. There are tons of amazing artists creating beautiful art and sharing it on Instagram. I feel very happy when I see someone creating something of my style or I find something very unique.
  3. Searching new art supplies online
    This is very stupid but I like doing it. I go to amazon and I search for new art supplied I would like to try in future and I save them in my wish list.
  4. This is irrelevant but – watch cooking videos on YouTube or Tasty app
    I love watching cooking videos. According to me it is very satisfying for me. I don’t like cooking very much but I love watching cooking shows and competitions. I hope some of you will relate.
  5. Surfing through other art genre
    I love exploring other type of art whether it is clothing or wood scraping. I love exploring those little businesses and surfing their Instagram or their website. Comment below if you have your own website and Instagram handle. I will check it out and we can follow each other.

No, I want to paint anyway…

Okay, okay! I understand. Even I feel sometimes to break the art block and paint. So here are few things you can do.

  1. Grab your pen and paper start drawing lines
    This is a good practice to draw horizontal and vertical lines or to draw all the shapes on paper. This will improve your line drawing and it is obvious that you would not know what to draw in art block. So here you will know all the lines and shapes you can draw.
  2. Start drawing things around you
    Look around. There are so many things in this room which you can doodle in your sketchbook. Draw them. One time when I was having an art block, I started drawing things on my table and after that only I realized that I have only Blue and Yellow things only on my table!
  3. Start drawing things you ate
    This is also an amazing idea to fill up your sketchbook. This is easy to draw, right? You don’t need to think much on what to draw until you know what you have ate. Many times I forget what I have ate. Does this happen to you ever?
  4. Color swatches or color mixing
    This is an amazing therapy you could have.If you like to paint with colors, bring your supplies and start making color swatches or start mixing colors to create some beautiful color.

I hope this will help you. What do you do to block an Art Block?


  1. These are all really great suggestions! I do a lot of the same things, like looking at other artists and drawing everyday objects or just doodling shapes and lines. Recently I got myself a sketchbook to use just for testing out new art supplies or trying different color combinations.

    I also find it helpful to go outside and take a walk or organize my desk and art supplies. Sometimes just a change of environment will put me in a better frame of mind to create.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. When I am not in a mood, I sit at another place and paint.

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