Holiday wreath and Purple daisies

I was looking for some inspiration on YouTube and I found a beautiful simple wreath video and I decided to paint the same. Holiday wreath is my 18th painting of Make/30 art project.

One thing I wanted to share is, I was not able to paint for straight two days. I was not feeling inspired. I told you about this in the previous blog. I tried painting and I ended up with very bad paintings. I was feeling very bad about it, but at the end of the day I thought that it is a part of the process. Not everyday is a same day.

Back to the Holiday wreath painting – it is a very small wreath with bunch of flowers and leaves. Here are the photos…

The next painting is – Purple Daisies.

For this, I took a reference photo of a flower from Pinterest. Everything was going well until I decided to go with the black background. When I started painting the background, I thought I shouldn’t have done this. I thought I was going to ruin the painting. But when I finished it, I was happy. The painting is looking good.

I have also shot the video of the process. Hope you will enjoy.


have a look…

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