Gouache flower and our grocery shopping

Hello friend! How are you?

I painted with gouache after a long. I have been using watercolor for some times. And I enjoyed painting with gouache again. And I am focusing on edit the video properly so you can enjoy it. From this time I am going to edit a proper intro for my videos. And as I mentioned in earlier post, I have scheduled my social media and Patreon post.

I like painting and that’s why I am doing this full time but I want to earn enough from this. I have started listing my painting and art prints on my Etsy shop. I am trying to get at least 5 patron for now. I know success don’t come easily and early. I have to work hard to achieve my goals.

Are you getting your essentials easily? Do you go out without any fear to get corona virus? Are you scared? If you ask me, I get essentials easily but I am scared to go out. At some places people don’t maintain social distancing. Some of them still don’t wear a mask. I and my husband went for grocery shopping yesterday. Some people are still gathering and not wearing mask. Market has decided to open for 12-3 pm everyday. We finished our shopping before other people rushed to market. I cleaned all the things we purchased with disinfectant. Things are difficult. I hope everything will be fine soon.

Let me know in the comment about your situation. Are you going out for shopping?

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