first patron and some sketchbook illustrations

Hello there! I hope you are doing fine.

I am so happy to share with you the great news. I got first patron on my Patreon page. Woohoo!!!!

And I sent him two beautiful phone wallpaper and a news letter. It was a great feeling. And the best thing is he replied back to me that he loved the wallpapers. I am so so happy.

I have been painting digitally for so many days that I was missing my colors and the feel of it. I have been very busy with other stuff. So this Saturday I gave some time to create some traditional art. I wanted to paint something very simple. I started with some flowers. I used color pencil for the details and texture.

I could do better than this. Some things went wrong. But that is fine. Not every day you are going to create a masterpiece. This time I painted background with Yellow color pencil rather than gouache like I usually do.

I mostly paint flowers, so for the next practice illustration, I wanted to paint something different. I decided to paint a house on the hill.

I love the hills with different shade of Green but I didn’t like the color of the house. I will surely paint this one again with different colors. I am planning to turn out the better version of this painting into art print.

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Thank you so much for reading!

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