Color mixing – palette 2

Hello! I hope you all are doing fine.

World is suffering a lot from this pandemic. Health workers are doing amazing work. I have no idea when this will end. Sometimes I get scared when I read news or watch news on TV. People are still not understanding. They are still not taking this seriously and going out and not maintaining social distancing. It is horrible. I feels like a bad dream.

One day some one sent me a photo, it says, “do not ever stop putting your art out, even if it gets 2 views or 3 likes”. People who are lucky and can stay at home can spend their time learning new skills. They can try cooking new recipes, painting, gardening and so many other things for which they had no time before. We are grateful that we can stay at home and can spend time with our families.

Please stay at home. We will get through this. Stay home, stay safe.

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