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  • Art print for sale – pay whatever you want!
  • F for Fish – Koi fish illustration
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Hello there! How are you doing?

I am offering a sale on one of my art print and the big news is, you can pay whatever you want! Yes, you read it right, you can print whatever you want. The price starts from $2.

An orange flower – downloadable print – Art print for sale

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Why am I doing this?

I think art should be accessible to every one in this world. As you have read the description of the art work, I have created this art work to convey the message – “Be Strong” – to everyone in this difficult time and if I made this art print for you, you are the one who should decide the price. So here it, for you to have. This art print for sale initiative will also help me financially a little.

F for Fish – from A to Z animals

F for Fish

It is a Koi Fish. I love the colors of this fish, so I decided to paint Koi Fish for this subject. I hope you will like it.

I have added new prints on my online shop, please check it out –

Thank you for reading!

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