A second hand brush

Before few days I went to an Art fair. There were amazing paintings over there. Some of them were made from Acrylic and watercolours and pen and mix media. I love visiting event like this.

There was a small shop, where the man was selling secondhand and handmade brushes as well. There were so many brushes. I was lost and happy at the same time. And I wanted to buy each one of them. But I can’t. I bought two brushes. And one of them stole my heart.

This brush is of 0 number, fine art S-70 Economy range. This brush is love ❤️. I painted few paintings. I mainly painted thank you cards. And I will soon upload a video on YouTube about it.

But all I want to tell you is, you don’t need to buy pricey brushes to paint something beautiful. You can have secondhand or cheap brushes and do your magic.

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