6 great painting ideas for your next art work

6 great painting ideas for your next artwork

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So many times as an artist you may feel like there are so many ideas but you have nothing to paint. So today I came up with 6 great painting ideas for your next artwork. I hope it will help you.

A place you have visited

Do you have any favorite places where you love to visit? A beach or a cafe or garden? Would you like to paint it? Try to paint from the photos you have clicked of that place and if you don’t have any photos then don’t worry just google that place. You will find better photos and paint any photo you like. If you don’t like this, go ahead and read some more painting ideas.

green lawns on hills near river under cloudy sky
Photo by Yunus Tuğ on Pexels.com

You can also paint the place you would love to visit in future. The photo is kind of a place where I would love to visit, lay down and stare the clouds passing by oh and paint of course.

The flower you like the most

I have always loved painting flowers. If you are following me from the start, you must know about the Make 30 project where I decided to paint 30 flowers in 30 days. There are about 400, 000 flowering plant species in the world. Find your favorite one and start painting. My favorite flower is a lotus. Have a look at my recent lotus paintings.

lotus paintings
lotus painting

This painting is made using gouache colors. Oh and I enjoyed a lot painting these. They are so calming to look at.

Your home

This can be an amazing topic to paint. You know what you can paint your home with some different colors you’d want to and you can paint your walls with that color for transformation. what do you think? Try to paint a big tree in front of your house or a fountain or anything else you like. This can be an amazing idea to paint!

Things around you

If you are sitting on your desk, try to paint things on your desk. If you are sitting outside, try to paint trees and houses around you or you can paint the sky. Right now the sky is my favorite subject to paint. I will share my latest paintings in the next blog. One time I painted things on my desk in my sketchbook and I realized all things I have on my desk are either Yellow or Blue! It was fun to paint them.

things on my desk
things on my desk

I think this was the first time I painted things on my desk. Before this, I used to paint flowers or plants only. It is very important to explore new things, in art and in life as well.

Your favourite food dish

What is your favorite dish? When I was a child I used to eat Dosa only. It’s a South Indian dish made with rice and very tasty vegetable sabzi. Yummmm! I recently drew a fruit tart illustration. Trust me, it is the best thing to draw if you are a foodie.

fruit tart illustration
Fruit tart illustration

This is a digital illustration of a fruit tart.

Your face looking in the mirror or your family’s face

Have you ever observed your self so close in the mirror? I tried to paint my self, my brother, and my husband. I laughed so hard when I drew my brother so funny. Sometimes the sketch doesn’t look like them and sometimes they do. Go and have fun. Sit in front of the mirror and observe your face and draw your face.

I hope you liked these 6 great painting ideas for your next artwork. Whatever subject you choose to paint today or tomorrow, just don’t forget to enjoy the process of painting and one more important thing is, it is not compulsory to create every day.

I hope you are doing fine. Thank you so much for reading! Please share this article if you like it.

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