15 paintings done, 15 to go!

I reached half way to my goal. Oh my god! 15 paintings are done and I am super happy with all of them. You can follow me on Instagram. My handle is – elysian_illustration

First of all I want to thank you, you have motivated me a lot by joining me in my art journey. I want you to be with me till the end of this art project. Make/30 has taught me a lot of things. It made me a better artist I was 15 paintings ago.

One very important thing is enjoying the process. You are not going to enjoy and be happy if you focus on success result only. Not everyday you are coming with an amazing painting. If you think you have made a bad painting, then think how you can make it look better. Focus on what you have learnt from it. I am sure next day you will come up with a better painting. It happened with me a lot.

My 15th painting is Orange-y dreams. I know, I came up with a funny name but that’s what popped up in my mind when I was thinking a name for it.

When I painted it first, the leaves’ color and shape and the flower highlights were different.When I looked at it after few minutes, I didn’t like it much. So I changed the highlight color and the style of the leaves.

Enjoy the video here…

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRHlM6qiXUg&w=560&h=315]

Here are the photos of the painting…

Thank you so much for reading!


  1. Hi Heli. Happy Day. I like your blog and works. I hope you will not stop at thirty. Why not a 100 or a 1000 or 10.000 or even more? Happy Painting. Happy Blogging. Have a wonderful day. Goff

    1. Thank you Goff for reading my blogs and likingmy paintings.
      I am a learning artist, and I was not painting everyday. so 100 is a very big goal for me. so starting with a small and will never stop painting 🙂

      1. There is no set target to achieve. One goes at ones own pace; one step at a time; always moving forwards, but don’t stop at thirty. Achieve that yes. The urge to create never stops. It will always urge you onwards and upwards. Have a great time learning and most important really enjoy it as you go along. Looking forward to seeing your next painting. Have a great time. Goff

        1. thank you again. I am enjoying the painting process, too.

  2. I love your paintings!

    1. Thank you so much 🙂

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