I am Heli and I am an artist.

I believe that everyone should pursue what they love and that’s why I became a full-time artist. I create digital art and watercolour paintings.

I am Heli and I am an artist.

Things I love to do

These are the things I love to do  everyday. Doing these things makes me happy and mindful.


Painting is like meditation for me. It makes me forget everything else around me.


Reading is an essential part of my daily routine. I always like to carry a book with me.


I love plants. One day I would love to grow a jungle and live in it. Shh.. a secret - I talk to my plants everyday!

If you are interested in digital illustrations or original watercolor painting, feel free to contact me here. Let’s create something beautiful together.

❝ We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents - Bob Ross ❞