I am Heli Naik and I am a freelance artist.

I believe that everyone should pursue what they love and that's why I became a full time artist. I paint with watercolors and gouache and create digital illustrations.

I am Heli Naik and I am a freelance artist.

What I Love Doing

Its hard to stay ahead of the game. I take every tasks seriously. Things I do flawlessly.

Watercolor painting

Painting with watercolors and exploring new techniques are always my favourite things to do

Digital art

Creating digital illustrations and making greeting cards, banners, art prints etc are very fun to do

Watercolor learning

Sharing whatever I have learned so far with you is an amazing thing we can do together

Feel free to contact for original or digital art work or if you want to learn how to paint

❝ We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents - Bob Ross ❞

Get in Touch

You are most welcome here and you can contact me using below options

Send Me a Message

Whether you want to learn watercolor painting or want me to paint something for you or just want to say hi, please feel free to reach out.